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Optimus Prime provided intelligence and missions to Bumblebee in his search for the AllSpark. Eventually, the clues led the Autobot to Sam Witwicky. After saving Sam from Barricade, Bumblebee finally completed preparations for the Autobots to arrive on Earth. Once on Earth and disguised as a truck, and having informed the two teenagers of their mission, Prime and the Autobots were discovered by Sector Seven. Optimus sent Jazz on a high-speed destruction distraction mission, then sent Ironhide to rescue Jazz from a double-threat posed by the government agents and various Decepticon scouts. When Bumblebee was captured, Optimus Prime chased the helicopter which from which the small Autobot was dangling. After a lengthy pursuit, Optimus managed to catch the net, only to be thrown off by another Cybertronian meteor passing nearby. As Bumblebee was carried away, Optimus promised he would not fail him again. Jazz informed him that the meteor was not an Autobot and Optimus confronted the new threat, who turned out to be the Decepticon triplechanger Shockwave . The two battled it out across Tranquility before Optimus finally destroyed him, and in doing so, overheard Starscream 's transmission revealing the location of the AllSpark.

Basic Implant - Revenge Of The 202 (Remixes 2 Of 2)Basic Implant - Revenge Of The 202 (Remixes 2 Of 2)Basic Implant - Revenge Of The 202 (Remixes 2 Of 2)Basic Implant - Revenge Of The 202 (Remixes 2 Of 2)